Here are the blogs I’ve written over the years.  Subjects range from step by step painting tutorials, to botanical anatomy, to current projects.

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Botanical Illustration: Compound and Simple leaves

I’ve recently completed some botanical illustrations and diagrams of leaves.  They’re for for The 21st Century Herbal by Michael Balick. Several illustrations demonstrating different botanical terms for leaf shape were required. Reasons why botanical terminology helps I think knowing what variety exists in nature helps you to understand what you’re drawing.  So I thought I’d share some botanical terminology […] Read more
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Illustration of Silver Washed Fritillary Butterfly

I’ve been working on natural history watercolour illustrations for Buckinghamshire, Bedforshire & Oxon Wildlife Trust this month, and one of the species they wanted me to paint was the beautiful Silver washed fritillary butterfly, Argynnis paphia. This butterfly is instantly distinct from the other fritillaries because of the striking markings on its underwings; greens, golds, and some […] Read more
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Natural History Illustration: Butterflies gallery

Before they disappear for another year, I thought it might be worth putting up a collection of my illustrations of some of the more common British butterfly species. These have mostly been commissioned privately, or by the Wildlife Trusts. For a really good guide to the commoner British butterfly species, you should get The Butterflies of Britian […] Read more
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Biolblitz and Freshwater Life

I recently went to a “bioblitz” day organised by Radnorshire Wildlife Trust, looking for freshwater life at their nature reserve in Tylcau hill.  For a natural history illustrator, such an event is inspiring and educational. I enjoyed the whole day enormously.  I learnt a tremendous amount, especially about insects, thanks to the endless knowledge and enthusiasm brought by Phil […] Read more
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Dragonfly Postage Stamps

As a natural history illustrator, sometimes you’re commissioned to do the most wonderful jobs.  This was the case with Jersey Post’s series of stamps; damsels & dragons.  Lots of dragonfly and damselfly illustrations. Past stamp issues completed for Jersey Post I’ve worked with Jersey Post before.  I completed a series of botanical illustrations of roses for them back […] Read more
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Glorious grasses

I have always loved grasses.  Even as a child I marvelled at their different heights, shapes, and textures.  I love the way fields of grass move and rustle in the wind, and I love the smell of new mown grass (it’s caused by green leaf volatiles (GLVs) and is actually a distress call from the […] Read more