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Welcome to Lizzie Harper’s Website!

An experienced natural history and botanical illustrator, Lizzie’s work appears in books and magazines around the world, on postage stamps and mugs. She lives very happily in Hay on Wye, and works her garden studio surrounded by plants and birds.

Dewberries botanical illustration by Lizzie Harper
Lizzie Harper
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“ I am passionate about the natural world and love learning about the plants and animals I illustrate. ”

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Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris cut to white, sitting
Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

If you’re interested in finding out what I’m working on at the moment, follow my blog or find me on instagram.

Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula male
ornithological natural histpry hatural science illustration of the Bullfinch

“ “Botanical artist Lizzie Harper produces meticulous watercolours of flora and fauna in her celebrations of nature” ”

Country Living Magazine

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“ Lizzie has consistently impressed me with her skill, professionalism and attention to detail ”

Jenny Campbell, Editor, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


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Detail of a completed illustration of Honeysuckle for a client.

The honeysuckle in my hedge isn't out yet, although the leaves and purple stems are looking very healthy.

But further down the road there's some out in the hedge, so I nabbed that. Life's always much easier with refeence!

The client wanted orange and dark yellow shadows instead of the pinks of the wild honeysuckle, Lonicera periclymenum. This meant finding ref of an orange cultivar such as Tellman's honeysuckle, and creating a hybrid.

The leaves are amazing, submerge them in a glass of water and they look like they're made of thin silver, thanks to the hydrophobic qualities of the leaf blade. Very pretty.

#lonicera #lonicerapericlymenum #honeysuckle #botanicalillustration #botanicalart #flowerart #flowerpainting #flowers #wildflowers #notahobby #naturalnistoryillustration

Foxglove Digitaria purpurea

Thus is a close up of one flower, they flower to form a turret of purple flowers. Nobe are in bud yet, but the velvety basal rosettes of leaves are looking larger and stronger each day.

Foxgloves are important for pollinating insects like bumble bees, and have special hairs which work as gates to stop smaller insects from accessing their nectar without being useful pollinators.

As a child I'd put a foxglove on each finger tip and am still amazed by how silky the petals feel.

Don't forget that foxglove produces cardiac glycosides, now used to treat heart disease. However, eating any part of a foxglove can cause lots of nasty symptoms including nausea and skin irritation as the whole plant is poisonous.

#foxglove #poison #poisonousplants #cardiacglycosides #digitaria #digitalis #digitalispurpurea #wildflowers #botanicalillustration #flowerart #botanicalart #fox glove

Trees: Yew

Trees: Yew

Trees: Yew is another blog inspired by my illustrations for The Tree Forager by Adele Nozedar, published by Watkins.  The book has inspired me to think about some of my favourite trees.  The Yew tree Taxus baccata is the seventh in this series, along side the Sycamore, Ash, Hawthorn, Rowan, Elder and the Oak. The Yew […] Read more
Geraniums, Crane’s-bills and Stork’s-bills

Geraniums, Crane’s-bills and Stork’s-bills

Geraniums, Crane’s-bills and Stork’s-bills is a guest blog from the wonderful Stewart Roberts, a local naturalist who shares his knowledge of nature and Welsh folklore on his wonderful Facebook page, where his illustrates his posts with his excellent wildlife photos. Potted Geranium from the garden centre The Geranium family Hardy Geraniums and the half-hardy pot plants Pelargoniums […] Read more

Original Artwork Available to Buy

Original artwork illustrations for sale

Lizzie has many original illustrations for sale.

In all cases,  email her on info@lizzieharper.co.uk if you’d like to buy one of these natural history paintings, drawings, or studies.

Below is an illustrated list of all her original work currently on sale, divided into framed and unframed categories, and subject matter.

Original artwork illustrations for sale
  • ku.oc.repraheizzil@ofni
  • (UK ) (0)1497 821578 or (0)7714 246 447
  • 11 Church Terrace . Hay-on-Wye . Herefordshire . HR3 5EE . UK
Samon Salmo salar hen fish showing silvery irridescence
Salmon hen natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper
Common lizard Lacerta vivipara in field with grasses buttercup and orchids
Common lizard in field natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

Lizzie Harper