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Welcome to Lizzie Harper’s Website!

An experienced natural history and botanical illustrator, Lizzie’s work appears in books and magazines around the world, on postage stamps and mugs. She lives very happily in Hay on Wye, and works her garden studio surrounded by plants and birds.

Dewberries botanical illustration by Lizzie Harper
Lizzie Harper
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“ I am passionate about the natural world and love learning about the plants and animals I illustrate. ”

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Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris cut to white, sitting
Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

If you’re interested in finding out what I’m working on at the moment, follow my blog or find me on instagram.

Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula male
ornithological natural histpry hatural science illustration of the Bullfinch

“ “Botanical artist Lizzie Harper produces meticulous watercolours of flora and fauna in her celebrations of nature” ”

Country Living Magazine

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“ Lizzie has consistently impressed me with her skill, professionalism and attention to detail ”

Jenny Campbell, Editor, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


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Recent commission for a packaging company.

They wanted an apple with a half...then decided to go for a slice instead. With some photoshop wizardry I managed to edit it and removed the half, printed out the remaining bits of the apple onto cartridge paper, then add the slice in by hand. Just about got away with it!

There's a whole lot of stippling in this baby, and I think it's worked out OK.

#apple #malus #appleillustration #packagingdesign #botanical #botanicaillustration #stippling #monochrome #black-and-white #penandink #stipple #botanicalart #goingdotty #sciart

Just completed this Short-eared Owl Short-eared Asio flammeus, peering out from the heather.

The Short-eared Owl is a daytime hunter, and is a top predator, favouring voles. They like coastal marshes, wetlands, and heath. Although in winter you can see migratory Short-eared owls across the UK, in summer they're far more common in Scotland and the north where they nest in scrapes in moors and uplands.

You can identify this species as it'll be out in daytime. It has golden eyes (the Long eared owl has orange eyes) and distinctive, short ear-tufts. It's about the same size as a Barn owl, but has longer wings.

There were struggles with illustrating the owl, sorting out feathers, and of course trying to make the ears look realistic rather than absurd. The eyes were a lot of fun, though. Getting him to glare, properly.

It was the heather that took much more time. Each plant was outlined in paint, then had a series of washes before I worked into the darker areas in the greens with a purple mix. In reality, heathland is less green, but I wanted to enhance the purples and reds of the heather so introduced quite a bit of grass to offset the reds.

It's a private commission, which I was lucky enough to have time to squeeze in between other jobs.

#owl #shortearedowl #raptor #heathland #heath #erica #heather #Asioflammeus #naturalhistoryillustration #naturahistory #sciart #naturalscience #naturalscienceillustration #birdart #ornithology #birdillustration #ornithologicaillustration #UKowls

It has to be said, lying on your tummy sketching Speedwell flowers in a meadow like this is no hardship at all when the landscape looks like it does.

The heavens did open and the painting got very soggy, but it was still a perfect day. I got to go on a nature walk in Cilau farm, led by Ray Woods (local eminent bryologist and all round mine of infirmation).

We even found a wax cap that might be new to Wales!

#botanicalillustration #enpleinair #sketchbook #nature journal #radnorshirewildlifetrust

This is the extraordinarily tiny Holly parachute fungus, Marasmius Hudsonii

It grows in damp leaf litter, exclusively on fallen Holly leaves. Which is a bit of a challenge as Holly is evergreen...

The fruiting bodies are tiny ivory caps with long microscopic setae or hairs. The stipes emerge from a basal mat of blackish hyphae, and are flushed mahogany toward their base. It's pretty rare (or possibly much overlooked), and I think it's incredibly elegant.

And it grows just up the road from here, in St. Mary's Churchyard, in Cusop

#hollyparchutefungus #Holly #fungus #fungi #marasmius #marianiushudsonii #botanicalillustration #fungalart #paintingmushrooms #thisentangledlife #botanicalart #mycology #tinythings #deadlines #nature #naturalhistoryillustration

Original Artwork Available to Buy

Original artwork illustrations for sale

Lizzie has many original illustrations for sale.

In all cases,  email her on info@lizzieharper.co.uk if you’d like to buy one of these natural history paintings, drawings, or studies.

Below is an illustrated list of all her original work currently on sale, divided into framed and unframed categories, and subject matter.

Original artwork illustrations for sale
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  • 11 Church Terrace . Hay-on-Wye . Herefordshire . HR3 5EE . UK
Samon Salmo salar hen fish showing silvery irridescence
Salmon hen natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper
Common lizard Lacerta vivipara in field with grasses buttercup and orchids
Common lizard in field natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

Lizzie Harper