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    Welcome to Lizzie Harper’s Website!

    An experienced natural history and botanical illustrator, Lizzie’s work appears in books and magazines around the world, on postage stamps and mugs.

    She lives very happily in Hay on Wye, and works her garden studio surrounded by plants and birds.

    Lizzie Harper

    “ I am passionate about the natural world and love learning about the plants and animals I illustrate. ”

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    Bush tea or Quickstick Gliricidia sepium showing plant and a detail of one flower

    Finding out what I’m working on,

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    Scots Pine: Adding colour to a pen and ink illustration

    One and a half hours in one and a half minutes

    Putting a watercolour wash on top of an existing pen illustration is a goid way to increase its appeal abd it`s usefulness for clients. Just be sure you`ve used waterproof ink for the initial illustration.

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    This is the Common toad, Bufo bufo.

    A lot of people are a bit odd about toads and say they don`t like them. I think they`re rather beautiful, especially their eyes. One spent a while living in a damp corner of my garden, much to my delight, a year or so ago.

    Unlike frogs, they can spend long stretches of time away from water and are welcome visitors to any garden as they eat slugs and snails (amongst other invertebrates).

    Toadspawn is laid in long strings, and toads migrate back to their ancestral spawning grounds each spring. this is often in deeper waters than the Common frog.

    Glands in the skin of the toad produce toxins which deter predators. these toxins are even produced by toad tadpoles.

    As with much of the UK`s wildlife, degradation and habitat loss of both the land and waters which Toads live in has led to a decline in numbers, especially in the South East.

    #toad #bufobufo #amphibians #ukamphibians #amphibianart #naturalhistoryillustration #naturalscienceillustration #sciart


    “ “Botanical artist Lizzie Harper produces meticulous watercolours of flora and fauna in her celebrations of nature” ”

    Country Living Magazine

    Original Artwork Available to Buy

    “ Lizzie has consistently impressed me with her skill, professionalism and attention to detail ”

    Jenny Campbell, Editor, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc

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    Lizzie's latest Posts and Blogs

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    Samon Salmo salar hen fish showing silvery irridescence
    Salmon hen natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper
    Common lizard Lacerta vivipara in field with grasses buttercup and orchids
    Common lizard in field natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

    Lizzie Harper