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Welcome to Lizzie Harper’s Website!

An experienced natural history and botanical illustrator, Lizzie’s work appears in books and magazines around the world, on postage stamps and mugs. She lives very happily in Hay on Wye, and works her garden studio surrounded by plants and birds.

Dewberries botanical illustration by Lizzie Harper
Lizzie Harper
Jersey Post Beetles Post and go

“ I am passionate about the natural world and love learning about the plants and animals I illustrate. ”

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Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris cut to white, sitting
Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

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Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula male
ornithological natural histpry hatural science illustration of the Bullfinch

“ “Botanical artist Lizzie Harper produces meticulous watercolours of flora and fauna in her celebrations of nature” ”

Country Living Magazine

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“ Lizzie has consistently impressed me with her skill, professionalism and attention to detail ”

Jenny Campbell, Editor, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


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This is Broom Cystisus scoparius

I love this plant, when it flower it's beautiful, with delicate pale yellow flowers. It's rather like a gorse without spines. Both are in the pea family, and have nodules on their roots which help fix nitrogen (and this benefit the soil and other plants growing nearby).

Supposedly it's mildly narcotic, and sheep have been become "tipsy" after eating too much broom. It's shoots were boiled and served in posh houses like asparagus; and it was meant to be and aphrodisiac.

The seed pods (which are in evidence now) are very cool. When ripe, and especially in the heat of an autumn sun, they split by twisting in a spiral. The seeds are shot out with some force, sometimes you can hear the pods "crack" as they open. This ensures that the seeds are spread way beyond the parent plant. Seed dispersal in plants is fascinating; such cunning mechanical devices at play.

#broom #cystisus #fabeaceae #peafamily #nitrogen #botany #seeddispersal #botanicalillustration #botanicalart #flowerart #flowerpainting #wildflowers #watercolour #traditionalillustration

This is Seaside centaury, done a while ago for a Coastal flowers postage stamp issue.

@jsypost have commissioned several sets of stamps over the years, and there's a very specific set of challenges that come with stamp design.

You need to provide variety of form and composition, as well as of subject across the 6 stamps in an issue. But you also need to leave space for the species name, the name of the stamp issuer ( in this case Jersey), and space for the queen's head (called the gudgeon). Lucky that stamp artwork is completed 4x repro size - gives us space to sort it all out without it looking too cramped!

I love the pinks in this delicate flower, always a joy to play with some opera rose watercolour paints....

Stamp artwork ©️ jersey post 2020

#centaury #stampdesign #philately #seasidecentaury #coastalflowers #seasideflowers #flowerart #sciart #naturalhistoryillustration #naturalscienceillustration #botanicalillustration #stamps #postagestamps #timbres #sea #coast

This is a pen and ink illustration of the Kingfisher Alcedo atthis. Watercolour was added on top.

This picture appears in "30 animals that made us smarter" by Patrick Aryee which was published in early September.

The Kingfisher appears in this fab book about biomimicry (humans learning from, and being inspired to invent stuff, by nature) due to its beak. Streamlined, the beak pierces the water at high speeds, allowing the Kingfisher to catch fish.

Inventors took this as a starting point, and designed the nose of the hogh-speed bullet train in Japan along similar lines. This not only added speed to the train, but also got rid of the problem of sonic boom.

Very cool.

Kingfishers live by rivers, have Bank side tunnels as nests, and eat small fish like minnows and stickleback. If you're lucky, you might see them perched over slow moving water, or more probably as a flash of azure and gold as they dart past.

They're busy, the Kingfisher needs to catch and eat its own weight in fish every day.

#kingfisher #alcedoatthis #30animals #biomimicry #bioengineering #inspiringnature #naturalhistoryillustration #naturalscienceillustration #sciart #penandink #bookillustration #birdart #bullettrain @patrick_goeswild @penguinbooks @penguinukbooks @bbcworldservice

New book out, this one's called "Nature's Hidden Charms", by Liz Dean and is published by Wellbeck publishing.

It's got loads of my plant and animal illustrations in, and I love the way the books bern laid out - the chapter opener full pages are such a classy touch!

So this snippet (probably cut off in all the wrong places) is me getting the book out the envelope and seeing it fir the first time. An "unboxing", as I believe the young 'uns would say...

Now all I need to do is to read it!

#bookillustration #botanicalillustration #sciart #naturalhistoryillustration #naturalscienceillustration #unboxing #newbook #illustration #illustrstorslife #notahobby #bookart

Original Artwork Available to Buy

Original artwork illustrations for sale

Lizzie has many original illustrations for sale.

In all cases,  email her on info@lizzieharper.co.uk if you’d like to buy one of these natural history paintings, drawings, or studies.

Below is an illustrated list of all her original work currently on sale, divided into framed and unframed categories, and subject matter.

Original artwork illustrations for sale
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  • 11 Church Terrace . Hay-on-Wye . Herefordshire . HR3 5EE . UK
Samon Salmo salar hen fish showing silvery irridescence
Salmon hen natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper
Common lizard Lacerta vivipara in field with grasses buttercup and orchids
Common lizard in field natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

Lizzie Harper