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Welcome to Lizzie Harper’s Website!

An experienced natural history and botanical illustrator, Lizzie’s work appears in books and magazines around the world, on postage stamps and mugs. She lives very happily in Hay on Wye, and works her garden studio surrounded by plants and birds.

Dewberries botanical illustration by Lizzie Harper
Lizzie Harper
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“ I am passionate about the natural world and love learning about the plants and animals I illustrate. ”

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Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris cut to white, sitting
Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

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Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula male
ornithological natural histpry hatural science illustration of the Bullfinch

“ “Botanical artist Lizzie Harper produces meticulous watercolours of flora and fauna in her celebrations of nature” ”

Country Living Magazine

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“ Lizzie has consistently impressed me with her skill, professionalism and attention to detail ”

Jenny Campbell, Editor, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


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Yesterday I was walking back to my home when I head a soft thud. A pigeon fell onto the pavement a foot in front of me, from the sky. Another pigeon flew down and stood next to it.

I was momentarily confused, then I looked up and there on the churchyard wall was a sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus.

The pavement is quite busy, so I popped the dead pigeon (totally dead - how amazingly efficient to be able to cleanly kill such a large bird with one strike) over the wall into the churchyard. I was worried the sparrowhawk wotuld have been put off, but within two minutes it was back, plucking and feeding in comparatvie peace.

I've seen sparrowhawks before, but never seen the actual strike. I feel totally honoured and excited.

Poor pigeon.

#sparrowhawk #raptors #hunter #pigeonpredator #naturalhistoryillustration #naturalscienceillustration #sciart #birdart #paitningbirds #Accipiternisus #hayonwye

Here's another seasonal fungus illustration. This is Russula xerampelina, one of the varied Russula species. English names include Crab Brittlegill, Shrimp Mushroom, Woodland Russula, Herring Mushroom.

Why such fishy names? This species smells of boiled shellfish when mature. I couldn't figure out if it tasted fishy too, websites mentioned it being good to eat and edible, and having a delicate flavour. I've not been lucky enough to eat it, so can't pass an opinion....

This species grown in conifer woods. It has a red to dark purplish cap, white gills which become ochre with age, and a white stipe which is often flushed pink.
It's actually a whole complex of similar species. Russulas have tons of variability in colour, which makes identifying them to species level tough. This one can have an olive green cap, yellow cap, purplish, dark brown, or red wine coloured cap. And everything in between.

They're also known as brittlegills.

There's some fascinating medicinal properties to this fungus; it's been shown to be effective in fighting Sarcomas and Erlich solid cancers in mice (Ohtsuka et al., 1973). It's also been shown to inhibit growth of the parasite that causes malaria, Plasmodium falciparum. (Lovy et al., 2000). HOW COOL?

Source: https://ultimate-mushroom.com/edible/93-russula-xerampelina.html; which is an excellent site for all things fungal.

#fungi #fungus #russula #brittlegill #foraging #ediblefungi #foodforfree #botanicalillustration #sciart #mushrooms #watercolor #watercolour #fungusidentification #russulaxerampelina #crabbrittlegill #shrimpmushroom #herringmushroom #mushroom #mycology

It's fungus season, so I thought I'd post this glorious fungi, the Amethyst deceiver Laccaria amethystina.

It's a real stunner. The cap becomes browner with age, but it truly is this vivid violet colour. The cap will become pale mauve or white if the weather is dry, and dries from the middle outwards.

I've seen it growing in damp moss and leaf litter in forested areas. Despite being such a stunning species, it's not even that rare!

It's also edible, although it might take rather a lot of searching to gather enough to make a decent supper....

The gills are purple, but spores are white. it's not uncommon for fungi to have spores that are a very different colour to the gills, this is why when you're identifying fungus you should always take the time to do a spore print.

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Nature Notebook & The Family Tree

Nature Notebook & The Family Tree

Nature notebooks seem to have run in my family for a long time.  I recently found one completed by my Great aunt Nina, back in 1919, when she was ten.  This got me thinking about all the other artists in my family, and I decided to share some of them, and their artwork. Front cover […] Read more

Original Artwork Available to Buy

Original artwork illustrations for sale

Lizzie has many original illustrations for sale.

In all cases,  email her on info@lizzieharper.co.uk if you’d like to buy one of these natural history paintings, drawings, or studies.

Below is an illustrated list of all her original work currently on sale, divided into framed and unframed categories, and subject matter.

Original artwork illustrations for sale
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  • 11 Church Terrace . Hay-on-Wye . Herefordshire . HR3 5EE . UK
Samon Salmo salar hen fish showing silvery irridescence
Salmon hen natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper
Common lizard Lacerta vivipara in field with grasses buttercup and orchids
Common lizard in field natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

Lizzie Harper