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    ornithological illustration of Bullfinch completed, alongside bullfinch specimens and paintbox
    Lizzie harper botanical illustrator and natural history illustrator

    “ I love my job. I love being surrounded by gorgeous countryside and wild flowers. Each day brings a new species to draw and learn about ”

    Lizzie Harper

    Lizzie Harper is a free-lance natural history and botanical illustrator with a keen love of nature.

    Her scientific training as a zoologist helps complement her illustrations.

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    She works in watercolour, pencil, and pen.  With over 25 years experience as a free-lance illustrator, she has a broad range of clients.


    Publishers, environmental charities, postage stamp designers, packaging firms, design companies, and private individuals have all commissioned her illustrations.


    “ Lizzie was great to work with! She was enthusiastic and efficient with excellent attention to detail. ”

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    Recent books illustrated include “A Life on Our Planet” by David Attenborough, “The Hidden Universe” by Alex Antonelli, and “30 Animals that made us Smarter” by Patrick Ayree.

    Her tree illustrations feature in “The Treeline” by Ben Rawlence and “The Living Wisdom of Trees” by Fred Hageneder

    She’s illustrated The Hedgerow Handbook,  The Garden Forager, The Tree Forager, and Foraging with Kids by Adele Nozedar.

    Her work is in HarperCollins Flower Guide by Streeter, and The Bumper Book of Nature by Stephen Moss.

    Her illustrations appear in National geographic and BBC Countryfile Magazine.

    Lizzie’s work pops up on information boards and nature reserves around the country.

    For more information on her work, visit her

    Job Showcase

    “ I've used Lizzie's wildlife illustrations in my work for many years. The quality of her illustrations is always superb. ”

    Anglezarke Dixon Associates


    Scots Pine: Adding colour to a pen and ink illustration

    One and a half hours in one and a half minutes

    Putting a watercolour wash on top of an existing pen illustration is a goid way to increase its appeal abd it`s usefulness for clients. Just be sure you`ve used waterproof ink for the initial illustration.

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    This is the Common toad, Bufo bufo.

    A lot of people are a bit odd about toads and say they don`t like them. I think they`re rather beautiful, especially their eyes. One spent a while living in a damp corner of my garden, much to my delight, a year or so ago.

    Unlike frogs, they can spend long stretches of time away from water and are welcome visitors to any garden as they eat slugs and snails (amongst other invertebrates).

    Toadspawn is laid in long strings, and toads migrate back to their ancestral spawning grounds each spring. this is often in deeper waters than the Common frog.

    Glands in the skin of the toad produce toxins which deter predators. these toxins are even produced by toad tadpoles.

    As with much of the UK`s wildlife, degradation and habitat loss of both the land and waters which Toads live in has led to a decline in numbers, especially in the South East.

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    New step by step blog out, on illustrating a variegated geranium leaf


    Have a look if you fancy trying to capture those very different colours, all appearing on one leaf.

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    Lizzie has recently shown in Exhibitions at the following venues:

    Herford Art Week 2019

    Association of British Botanical Artists show 2018

    Shepherd’s Parlour, Hay on Wye 2018

    Booth’s Bookshop, Hay on Wye 2018

    Hereford Art Week  2017

    Obsidian Gallery, Oxfordshire 2017

    Hunt Institute of Botanical Studies, Pittsburgh 2015

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    View of a head water stream with dipper, wagtail, waterfall and damselflies then view of a river with a heron fishing from a shingle bank, sand marten flying low, and dragonfly and beetles at home amongst driftwood; the river meanders on to a wetland meadow delta with grazing herds and established aquatic plant communities flanking the river waters, animals include red underwing moth, warbler, common frog, wild flowers, and dragonfly species,
    River landscape natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper
    Wetland landscape with curlew and pearl bordered fritillary in the foreground on emergent vegetation, behind a flooded area of meadow tails into distant hills, cows and swans graze fields and yellow flag, blackberry and alder fill the foreground.
    Wetland landscape natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

    Teaching Workshops

    Chrysanthemum flower Pom-pom, a single flower with golden petal colour.

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    “ Lizzie was a wonderful tutor. Dynamic, encouraging, and friendly. ”

    Student from Cambridge University Botanical Gardens course

    Frequently Asked Questions

    rowan berry, fruit

    Questions about inspiration, how Lizzie started out, and illustrations vs photographs often come up.

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    Lizzie loves nothing more than spending a day immersed in the beautiful landscape round her home in Wales; where she investigates slugs and mosses, and does sketchbook studies of the wild flowers she finds.

    She works from her garden studio in Hay on Wye where she lives very happily with a long-suffering husband and two lively children.

    Lizzie Harper