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    beech twig
    Diagrams, pen and ink, top wash, colour wash, gardening, japan, bonsai garden,

    Bonsai Diagrams for Dorling Kindersely/Penguin

    Bonsai Project I’m currently doing a series of botanical illustrations for a book on Bonsai trees by Peter Warren for Dorling Kindersely/Penguin Books.  We’re concentrating on coloured diagrams of the trees. There may also be some step-by-step illustrations, and there’s talk of Japanese style “icons” too. A note on copyright Unusually for me, I’ve allowed DK/Penguin […] Read more
    sketchbbok, sketchbook study, botanical illustration.

    Natural History Illustration: Current projects

    The last few weeks have been busy with botanical illustration projects, scientific illustrations, and diagrams.  There has also been the inevitable swirl of Christmas cards, school carol concerts, buying wrapping paper, and figuring out which relatives we’ll descend on, and when. Invented animal: Projects you worry about The most peculiar commission was for an invented […] Read more
    leaf, leaf attachment, flowers, botany, botanical terms, leaves, veins, venation,

    Botanical Illustration: Late flowering plants

    Winter closes in, and many of the plants I need to illustrate for The Cultivated Forager (follow up to The Hedgerow Handbook, also by Adele Nozedar) are no longer much use as they are bearing neither flowers nor berries. Flowers which are still in bloom However, I was surprised to notice various plants which are most definitely in flower, […] Read more

    Lizzie Harper