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beech twig
Grey heron Ardea cinerea natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

Illustrating Birds on the River Wye

Bird illustrations Over the years I’ve done bird paintings, natural history illustrations, ornithological illustrations, scientific illustrations; call them what you will, but I’ve painted loads of British bird species. It’s always a joy to see the birds I’ve depicted in the flesh (in the feather), and this often happens by the river Wye. I go […] Read more
Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

Botanical Illustrations, a Sparrowhawk, and some Butterflies

Botanical illustrations Commission by Rodale I’ve just finished a whole set of botanical illustrations for “Rodale’s 21st century Herbal” by Michael Balick; a mix of full watercolours like this cross section of an Echinacea; pen and ink with colour wash, like this sheet of seeds and fruit; step-by-step gardening illustrations like this layering of marjoram, and a bundle […] Read more

Lizzie Harper