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    beech twig
    River management, sketchbooks study, sxs, impatiens, invasives, step by step, Himalayan balsam,

    Botanical illustration of a Himalayan Balsam Flower

    Overview of Himalayan balsam   One of the invasive plants I was asked to paint by Summersault Communications is the Himalayan balsam Impateins galndulifera, which is growing out of control along many of Britain’s water courses, out-competing native plants and clogging up drainage channels. Although a truly problematic invasive species here in the UK, it is also […] Read more
    Japanese knotweed, Fallopia japonica, invasives, step by step

    Japanese knotweed sketchbook study

    Japanese Knotweed job   I’ve been working on a series of three scientific illustrations of invasive plants this week, for Summersault Communications.  This blog is about doing a Japanese knotweed sketchbook study. The article accompanying my illustrations will explain how to identify the plants and why they pose a threat.  I am fortunate in that the […] Read more

    Lizzie Harper