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    beech twig

    Botanical Illustration: Comparing HP Watercolour Papers 3

    Introduction to the watercolour paper quest This is the third of three reviews of Watercolour Hot Press papers for botanical illustration.  This time, I find the holy grail…a replacement!  Please check out the first and  second in this series for more tests and results. As a natural history illustrator and someone who does plenty of botanical illustration, […] Read more

    Flower Anatomy workshop

    Why learn botany? I recently taught a workshop at the wonderful Walled Garden in Treberfydd on flower anatomy.  I think it’s vital for botanical illustrations to be well-informed about their subject matter.  To this end I think botanical illustrators need to learn some of the basics of how flowering plants are put together.  One of the best […] Read more
    hot press stonehenge

    Botanical Illustration: Comparing HP Watercolour Papers 2

    This is the second of three reviews of watercolour Hot Press papers for botanical illustration.  Please check out the first and third in this series for more tests and results! As a botanical illustrator, having a good hot press watercolour paper to work on is really important.  Unfortunately, recently the paper I used to use, Fabriano […] Read more

    Step by step Great Willowherb

    One of the botanical illustrations I was recently commissioned to complete for the Field Studies Council is the Great willowherb, Epilobium hirstutum. This will feature in an upcoming leaflet on Wayside wild flowers. Here is an explanation of the steps involved in creating a botanically accurate illustration which is also visually appealing.  It needs to allow a novice to identify […] Read more
    red clover

    Botanical Illustration of Red Clover- step by step

    This botanical illustration of Red clover Trifolium pratense was completed recently for the Field Studies Council who are producing a leaflet on identifying plants and wild flowers of the wayside and hedgerows.  You’ll see the same basic approach is taken with all my step by step blogs; it’s only the details and colours that very. Gathering reference […] Read more

    Botanical Illustration: Step by step painting of leaves

    I recently taught a workshop of botanical illustration of leaves.  I broke down the process of painting a leaf into incremental steps.  these were shown on a demonstration painting of a blackberry leaf. Demonstration illustration showing different steps involved in painting a blackberry leaf.  There’s also a breakdown of the colours used to mix the greens […] Read more

    Step by step illustration of a Wild Strawberry

    One of the botanical illustrations I’ve been asked to paint as a natural history illustrator, is the Wild Strawberry .  This will be one of the plants featured on a fold-out identification chart of Edible British Plants produced by the Field Studies Council.  There’s also a 2 minute Youtube film of this illustration being completed online, in time […] Read more

    Lizzie Harper