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beech twig
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Botanical Illustration: Late flowering plants

Winter closes in, and many of the plants I need to illustrate for The Cultivated Forager (follow up to The Hedgerow Handbook, also by Adele Nozedar) are no longer much use as they are bearing neither flowers nor berries. Flowers which are still in bloom However, I was surprised to notice various plants which are most definitely in flower, […] Read more
Grey heron Ardea cinerea natural history illustration by Lizzie Harper

Illustrating Birds on the River Wye

Bird illustrations Over the years I’ve done bird paintings, natural history illustrations, ornithological illustrations, scientific illustrations; call them what you will, but I’ve painted loads of British bird species. It’s always a joy to see the birds I’ve depicted in the flesh (in the feather), and this often happens by the river Wye. I go […] Read more
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Natural History Illustration: Butterflies gallery

Before they disappear for another year, I thought it might be worth putting up a collection of my illustrations of some of the more common British butterfly species. These have mostly been commissioned privately, or by the Wildlife Trusts. For a really good guide to the commoner British butterfly species, you should get The Butterflies of Britian […] Read more

Christmas botanical illustrations

I’ve not been working this week, it’s the holidays.  There are five illustrations outstanding for the Whipsnade Zoo commission, but the deadline isn’t for a fortnight so I’ll have plenty of time to complete them ahead of schedule. Instead, I’ve assembled a variety of seasonal illustrations, done over the years. Christmas plants There are lots […] Read more

Lizzie Harper