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Natural History Illustration: Step by step Parrot

As a natural history illustrator, I get asked to do botanical illustration, entomological illustration and recently, to complete an ornithological illustration of the Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot Amazona ochrocephala oratri for a friend, who has one as a pet. Getting reference The first step is always the same, get the reference ready.  In this case my client wanted […] Read more

Natural History Illustration: Lansdscape

Natural History illustration needs landscape painting skills Natural history illustration incorporates a wide range of techniques.  I realised about ten years ago that a desirable type of of natural science illustration was one that incorporated numerous species of plant and animal into one landscape.  This wetland landscape done for Natural England is an example. Working on […] Read more
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Illustration of Silver Washed Fritillary Butterfly

I’ve been working on natural history watercolour illustrations for Buckinghamshire, Bedforshire & Oxon Wildlife Trust this month, and one of the species they wanted me to paint was the beautiful Silver washed fritillary butterfly, Argynnis paphia. This butterfly is instantly distinct from the other fritillaries because of the striking markings on its underwings; greens, golds, and some […] Read more

Lizzie Harper