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    Trees: Elder

    Trees: Elder is another blog inspired by my illustrations for “The Tree Forager” by Adele Nozedar, published by Watkins.  The book has inspired me to think about some of my favourite trees.  The Elder Sambucus nigra is the sixth in this series, along side the Sycamore, Ash, Hawthorn, Rowan and the Oak. The Elder Sambucus nigra […] Read more

    Illustrating Bracken and Ferns

    Illustrating bracken and ferns may seem to be a really difficult job.  However, the challenge lies in the drawing, not in adding the colour. I recently completed an illustration of Bracken Pteridium aquilinum for a forthcoming Field Studies Council Guide to the flora of Woodlands.  I thought this was the perfect chance to explain the […] Read more
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    Botanical Illustration: Compound and Simple leaves

    I’ve recently completed some botanical illustrations and diagrams of leaves.  They’re for for The 21st Century Herbal by Michael Balick. Several illustrations demonstrating different botanical terms for leaf shape were required. Reasons why botanical terminology helps I think knowing what variety exists in nature helps you to understand what you’re drawing.  So I thought I’d share some botanical terminology […] Read more

    Lizzie Harper