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    beech twig
    Botanical illustration from the Breckncockshire Flora

    Monocot and Eudicot variety: Illustrations

    Monocots and Eudicots are enormous groups, making up over 80% of plants on earth.  During a recent job, illustrating the Brecknockshire flora, I was commissioned to create two illustrations highlighting the most interesting, beautiful, and most locally important members of these groups. Moncots vs Eudicots There are several main differences between these two enormous groups.  […] Read more

    Rushes: An Introduction

    Having recently written blogs about the anatomy of grasses and sedges; this week I’ll be examining rushes.  As with the Cyperaceae and Graminaceae, these common and beautiful plants are frequently overlooked.  Many seem to favour of wild flowers with florid petals and bright colours.  However, rushes deserve a closer look. Hairy Wood rush Luzula pilosa Anatomy of Rushes:  Overview […] Read more

    Lizzie Harper