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    beech twig

    Butterflies of Bentham Sand dunes

    Several butterflies are included in the recent landscape illustration completed for South Devon Area of Natural Beauty.  This blog will discuss each species, and links to my earlier blog on the wildlife and plants of Bentham bay sand dunes. Clouded Yellow The Clouded Yellow, Colias croceus, travels to Britain every year from southern Europe and Africa.  […] Read more

    Natural History Illustration of a Chironomid Midge

    I recently was commissioned to complete a natural history entomological illustration for an expert in fossilized midges at the Natural History Museum in London, as a surprise retirement present. Studying Chironomid midges The recipient is Steve Brooks, who examines the fossilized heads of non-biting midges (Chironomids) to examine climate change through time.  For an overview of his […] Read more
    insect showing spiricles

    Natural History Illustration: Insect anatomy

    Insects are my favourite creatures.  I love illustrating them in my natural science commissions.  Here’s a brief overview of the parts of  any insect which should help anyone doing entomological illustration. Insect overview Insects are invertebrates; they sport an external skeleton rather than internal bones.  Their limbs are jointed, they’re cold-blooded, have six legs and […] Read more

    Lizzie Harper