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    beech twig

    Spotted fish

    Spotted fish is another of my blogs on patterns in nature.  You can find them all here or click for an overview of pattern in nature, more on stripes, leaf variegation, spots on plants and fugus, and a step by step of a variegated geranium leaf. How spots are formed According to Study.coms post on […] Read more
    stream, dipper, insects, freshwater, freshwater life, bioblitz

    Biolblitz and Freshwater Life

    I recently went to a “bioblitz” day organised by Radnorshire Wildlife Trust, looking for freshwater life at their nature reserve in Tylcau hill.  For a natural history illustrator, such an event is inspiring and educational. I enjoyed the whole day enormously.  I learnt a tremendous amount, especially about insects, thanks to the endless knowledge and enthusiasm brought by Phil […] Read more

    Lizzie Harper