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beech twig
Pied wagtail

Pied Wagtail Illustration

Pied Wagtail   The Pied Wagtail Motacilla alba yarrellii is a common garden and urban bird here in Wales.  I love the way they trot about, wagging their elongate tail up and down and cocking their black-capped heads inquisitively to one side.  We have a regular garden visitor who spends a lot of time scampering from […] Read more

Step by step Great Willowherb

One of the botanical illustrations I was recently commissioned to complete for the Field Studies Council is the Great willowherb, Epilobium hirstutum. This will feature in an upcoming leaflet on Wayside wild flowers. Here is an explanation of the steps involved in creating a botanically accurate illustration which is also visually appealing.  It needs to allow a novice to identify […] Read more

Botanical Illustration: Step by step painting of leaves

I recently taught a workshop of botanical illustration of leaves.  I broke down the process of painting a leaf into incremental steps.  these were shown on a demonstration painting of a blackberry leaf. Demonstration illustration showing different steps involved in painting a blackberry leaf.  There’s also a breakdown of the colours used to mix the greens […] Read more
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Botanical illustration of a Himalayan Balsam Flower

Overview of Himalayan balsam   One of the invasive plants I was asked to paint by Summersault Communications is the Himalayan balsam Impateins galndulifera, which is growing out of control along many of Britain’s water courses, out-competing native plants and clogging up drainage channels. Although a truly problematic invasive species here in the UK, it is also […] Read more

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