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    beech twig

    Equipment: Pencils & Erasers

    This is another blog in the series on equipment used.  Check out earlier blogs on Waterproof inks, Watercolour papers, Paints  and  look out for one I’ll soon be publishing on brushes. Personal Preference As mentioned before, choosing your equipment can be quite a personal choice.  We develop loyalty to brands and types of drawing tool […] Read more
    sketchbbok, sketchbook study, botanical illustration.

    Natural History Illustration: Current projects

    The last few weeks have been busy with botanical illustration projects, scientific illustrations, and diagrams.  There has also been the inevitable swirl of Christmas cards, school carol concerts, buying wrapping paper, and figuring out which relatives we’ll descend on, and when. Invented animal: Projects you worry about The most peculiar commission was for an invented […] Read more

    Lizzie Harper