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beech twig
Botanical illustration from the Brecknockshire Flora

Trees: Yew

Trees: Yew is another blog inspired by my illustrations for The Tree Forager by Adele Nozedar, published by Watkins.  The book has inspired me to think about some of my favourite trees.  The Yew tree Taxus baccata is the seventh in this series, along side the Sycamore, Ash, Hawthorn, Rowan, Elder and the Oak. The Yew […] Read more
Pen and Ink Illustrations of Tree Details

Pen and Ink Illustrations of Tree Details

The Living Wisdom of Trees: Commission   In the summer, I completed lots of pen and ink illustrations of trees and their details for “The Living Wisdom of Trees” by Fred Hageneder. The commission involved illustrating fully grown trees, along with details specific to each species such as blossom, leaves, or fruit.  I’ve written a […] Read more

Lizzie Harper